We know what an important part catering plays in the overall experience for any delegate or guest, and our aim is to ensure that we provide delicious menus to suit all tastes and dietary needs. Our dedicated conference and event catering team can provide:

  • a range of healthy, freshly prepared hot and cold food and drinks to suit all occasions
  • menus to suit special dietary requests
  • a focus on a nutritionally balanced use of lower fat meats such as chicken or turkey breast, fish, whole-grain products, fruits and vegetables
  • fresh and locally sourced seasonal ingredients
  • Fairtrade tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sugar, orange and apple juice
  • a suistainable sourcing policy, including free-range eggs and chicken, Marine Conservation Society-approved fish, a locally-focused procurement policy and a commitment to sourcing our fresh veg and salad through a local organic farming cooperative
  • One Water, an ethical bottled water that donates all of its profits to fund PlayPump® water systems in Africa
  • a commitment to recycle all the waste oil, cardboard, cans, paper, glass, batteries and plastics used on a daily basis as demonstrated through our Sustainable Food Policy