Sustainable travel

The University of Manchester Conferences and Venues, within the Division of Hospitality and Events, is committed to a sustainable future for all our conferences and we would like to encourage delegates and visitors to the University to use public transport wherever possible, you can even walk to many of our venues from the city centre so take a look at the Getting Here section for some added inspiration.

Manchester is well served by a number of bus companies that operate around the city and our campuses are located along the busiest bus route in Europe with buses running till the early hours. The 147 hybrid shuttle bus runs between Piccadilly station and the Sackville Street and Oxford Road campuses every 10 minutes on weekdays producing 30% less Carbon Dioxide than conventional buses. The cost is 80p per journey or £1.50 for a day pass. The number 43 bus also operates all day to the airport and also throughout the night at regular intervals and travels along the Oxford Road/Wilmslow Road corridor where most of our venues are situated. For further information on routes around the city please visit the Greater Manchester Transport Executives website. To demonstrate our commitent, we have recently introduced a sustainability policy .

To find out more about how our University is committed to ensuring its staff and students have a positive impact on the environment and to creating a sustainable future, take a look at Sustainability at The University of Manchester.